1. Pre Designed or Bespoke

We invite you to browse our website and stationery range to choose your favorite design. We have a wide and varied selection of designs, all of which are customisable just for you. Once you are happy with your selection you then have the option to checkout online or offline. We accept full payments securely via credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or Deposit Transfer.

We know that Natalie Jane Brides are unique and we work VERY hard to find them! If you are looking to create something totally unique that tells your personal story, then the Bespoke Design Collection may be what you are looking for. We use your ideas and inspiration together with our creativeness to produce your stationery collection. Please fill out the

Bespoke Design Collection form or schedule a Consult Call. The first step towards working with us is determining if we are the perfect fit for you! After getting to know you, we’ll determine if we’re a match made in heaven and then we’ll move on to the booking process! ...


2.Details & Design

You will instantly receive a confirmation of your online order. We will then email you a Customer Information form and Instructions for "what’s next".

If you have chosen our Bespoke design service We’ll send you a customer information form and quote where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything officially official! Now that you’re an official Natalie Jane Bride & Groom, it’s time to get started!!...


3.Review & Proofread

Once your typography details have been received, your digital artwork will be created and emailed to you for your review, change and/or approval. A handy tip is to ask a third person (a Bridesmaid maybe) to look over it too.

Please know that unlimited artwork changes are included in your order.

If you have changes that are required to be made to your artwork, the necessary changes will be made and sent back to you for review, change and/or approval. This step will repeat until approval is provided by you via written email. Please note that we will not print anything until your written approval is received.



Once approved, we will then commence production of your stationery which will take 2-3 weeks to complete. The time frame given is subject to change if custom embellishments or card stock/paper are to be ordered.


5. Shipping

Your order will then be checked and double-checked by our team before being carefully packaged and shipped to you via your chosen delivery method.


If you require a faster turn around time, please let us know by emailing before you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Faster turn around times will incur an additional fee.