Typography is, quite simply, the art and technique of arranging type. It's central to the skills of a designer and is about much more than making the words legible. Your choice of typeface and how you make it work with your layout, grid, colour scheme, design theme and so on will make the difference between a good, bad and great design.
Getting the wording right for your invitations can be a little tricky. To assist you in this aspect of the invitation process, we have included pre-written templates to suit your personality and occasion.
Choose from our Relaxed, Elegant and Formal template range.
The tradition of Wishing Wells in history has always been a sign of good luck, granting wishes when coins were tossed into the well. Adding a Wishing Well into the typography of your wedding invitation has now become a tradition over the years, giving your guests the opportunity to wish you a wonderful marriage as well as good luck.
Are you looking for Wishing Well wording and inspiration? See our selection of Wishing Well verses to help you along.
Are you looking for the perfect Thank You poem or Bridal Party Proposal Poem?  See our selection of verses to help you along.